Why We Should all be Living Like the Swedish

Working life can seem very stressful at times, from my perspective anyway, but it made me wonder if that’s because of the type of career I chose, the culture of the country I live in or if it’s just me and I am a person who would always feel that way. I have settled on it being because I work in law as the stakes are usually fairly high and to a certain extent it is a serious profession. However, whilst thinking about this I started reading into Swedish culture and lifestyle to see if I could incorporate some of their ways of life into mine.

The Swedes and other Nordic nations appreciate the beauty and balance found in “fika”. This is a cultural concept of taking time to put everything on hold for a moment, clear your head and enjoy coffee (or tea if you prefer). The book I am currently reading on the subject explains that;

“fika is the philosophy of taking time to enjoy every moment of every day indulgence”

This made me consider how to incorporate a little fika into my working week and I realised for me it meant leaving my desk. My fika is walking to the office restaurant with a colleague to get a coffee or catching up away from my desk. It could only be a few minutes some days but it is a great way to put a little balance into your working day.

If you are interested, the book I am reading is:

How to Hygge The Secrets of Nordic LivingYou can buy the hardback version by clicking on the image or alternatively you can buy the e-book here.









Make sure you leave your comments below and share what your “fika” time is and whether you think it works and does provide a bit of relaxation!

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