The Minimalist’s No Stress Weekend Guide to Packing

When you are working and the days seem to get longer and longer, it can make it challenging for even the most organised of people to get jobs done in the evening. One of these being packing for a weekend away or short visit to a friend that you’ve been looking forward to and definately deserve. Whenever I am short of time, I stick to a simple packing formula that means I spend no longer then 5 minutes packing my bag. If I can find 5 minutes spare time outside of the working hours of a corporate lawyer, then hopefully you should be able to too.

My minimalist weekend bag packing guide will show you how little you need to pack to have to have everything you need.


Black jeans are my number one essential item as they can be worn during the day or in the evening, if you change your accessories. This makes them perfect for minimalist multi-purpose packing. I particularly like this pair from Ralph Lauren as the slightly glossy effect on the denim is ideal if they’re worn on a night out.


A pair of jewelled or metallic sandals, again like the black jeans, are perfect for transitioning from day to evening. Sandals are light weight to pack too, but that doesn’t really matter as you’ll be wearing them the whole time anyway. I have multiple pairs, but the glittery pair above from Selfridges are so comfortable that I would always opt for them if I was going on a city break that involved a lot of exploring by foot.

A grey t-shirt or other light coloured neutral top is effortlessly classic and goes perfectly with your black jeans and sandals combination. Extra points for not taking up much packing space and being a generally flexible staple item.

      An off -the-shoulder bardot top is another great weekend away staple for a casual evening or day time wander. It is a nice one to pack as the off shoulder style contrasts significantly with the grey t-shirt, so even though you are not packing many items you still feel like you have variety.

A summer shift dress is ideal for a minimalist weekend away, as it can be worn in the day time or evening depending on your jewellery, make up and hair style. This will pair perfectly with the metallic sandals that you have already packed too.

A pastel suede jacket is another day time to evening transitional piece. By sticking to light colours, it is guaranteed to compliment your metallic sandals and black jeans whilst working well with your dress too.
Opting for an over the shoulder bag that can double up as a clutch bag in the evening is a packing trick I always use when I am away for a weekend. I usually choose black, white or metallic so it goes with my usually monochrome wardrobe. Besides, do you really need a supersized hand bag for a couple of days when all you will be carrying is your purse, phone and hotel key?
To work with the smaller handbag situation, I downsize my purse and use a card holder instead. It is all you need for your ID, bank cards and travel cards etc. Taking a clunky purse with you takes up so much space and I find it annoying knowing I didn’t really need to bring with me every store card and gym membership card I own.

A no fuss strapless nude bra, whilst not the prettiest one anyone owns, is perfect for every outfit you have packed, from t-shirts to dresses and bardot tops. It saves needlessly packing every colour and style to only find at the end of the weekend you wore 1 of 5 the whole time anyway!


  • Stick to a simple colour palette of neutrals or monochrme. Add colour with your lipstick, nail varnish or jewellery (all of which are small and easy to pack).
  • Don’t pack a towel or hair dryer if your hotel provides them or if your friend that you are staying with has you covered.
  • Try to avoid packing all of your hair products. Do a hair mask earlier in the week so your hair is well conditioned and you can just stick to the basics with shampoo and conditioner.


I hope this helps takes the time and stress out of packing your weekend away bag and if you are missing any of these staple items hopefully my favourite picks will provide some inspiration of where to look for the perfect pieces.

Please leave a comment below and share how you pack for a weekend. Do you use any of these tips already?

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  1. Lucy
    July 19, 2017 / 11:53 am

    Cute post…Everything I wear is basically black grey & white too so my wardrobe is easy to deal with!

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