Handbag Essentials All Working Women Need (and here’s why)

Often I don’t change handbag from working during the day to going out in the evening so I have my working women handbag essentials to cover me. Without fail I will always have a pair of sunglasses with me for the drive to work and a few other handy staples that get me through the day –  keeping reading if you want to know what takes me from the law firm to the restaurant and on a night out all in one bag.

Handbag essentials

A watch and lipstick are also must have essentials. I always keep a neutral lipstick in my handbag for at work and a few coloured lipsticks for if I am going straight out in the evening from the office. I wear neutral make up at work as my office environment is a law firm, so as far as work places go they are usually more conservative than your average workplace. I also keep a spare concealer or foundation in my handbag so I can do a few quick make up touch ups before heading out. Working in a law firm means these are always useful as you don’t always know what time you will be leaving the office when working a corporate deal or an urgent piece of work comes in from a client that changes your plans for the day. I have to work flexibly so I need my handbag essentials to fit around that way of working.

glasses, coffee, pen and magazine

A pen and notepad are also in my top essentials, partly because of work so I can make a note of anything important I need to follow up on the next morning at the office and also because I am generally a big fan of to-do lists to stay organised and on top of juggling everything. Although I keep a calendar on my phone, sometime writing it down actually helps me remember things betters when I am really busy.

Notebook, watch, glasses, pen

As part of being able to transition from day to night easily, I also like to use a purse that can double up as a clutch bag so I don’t have to carry around my full handbag all night. A purse that you can fit your keys and lipstick in can be a great handbag essential.

Magazine clutch bag candleI will admit that alot of my handbag essentials are monochrome, so mainly black, white or metallic as I like everything to match or atleast look coordinated but I think that is also influenced by working in a traditional office space and that monochrone style aways goes with my work outfits.

I’d love to hear what your handbag essentials are, as I am always looking for something new to try. Comment below to share and make sure you subscribe.

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