Essential Oils: How to Create the Formula for Success

Stress and pressure can be such debilitating feelings. They slow you down and hold you back at the times you most strive for success. We’re all human and everyone experiences this at some point in their life. My boyfriend is of those people who rarely feels stress at all and sometime he looks at me with disbelief at some of the things that wind me up. One day after working all day in the city he came back to our apartment and spent the evening studying for his professional exams. I still remember him saying to me that he felt nauseous but he didn’t know why. It later transpired that he had felt for the first time genuine anxiety about his looming exams. The sickly feeling in the pit of your stomach that everything you have been working on is leading up to a crucial moment. The moment when the hard work counts. So I learnt that even the most relaxed and laid back people feel it eventually. What I find really interesting is how people deal with it.


How do people let go of the stress and detox their body from the most unhelpful of feelings?

I often got sick after my law school exams, which I have put down to the immense pressure I put myself under to succeed. When I finally relax again, my body is exhausted and left vulnerable to falling unwell. I’ve got better at managing this by eating an especially healthy diet during periods of more intense work and focusing on building in small spaces of time to unwind without relaxing so much that I lose momentum.

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One of the areas I looked into during my personal research for health and wellbeing ideas to combat the body’s response to stress was essential oils. This seemed logical to me, as what you eat can have such a significant impact on your body’s hardiness, so it stood to reason that natural plant based essential oils had a place too. I love to eat Rosemary as a seasoning to food but it also one of the essential oils with amazing health properties and it is already commonly used in cosmetics and cooking. Some articles have sugested that it aids concentration and stimulates the brain whilst combating fatigue. In the background to these great benefits, the Rosemary is helping your body better absorb nutrients and your skin has a healthy glow.

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Lavender is complimentary to the energising Rosemary as it has relaxing properties used to de-stress and calm. It can help you fall into a natural healthy sleep pattern and soothe any tension or restlessness. Meanwhile, Eucalyptus is a healing essential oil. Sourced from the fresh leaves of Eucalyptus trees, it has antiseptic qualities that boost your immune system and promote recovery – protecting your body from getting run down.


Finally, Citirs is a mood boosting essential oil extracted from the rind of lemons, limes, grapefruit and tangarine fruits. It is refreshing and has an invigorating wake me up scent that has been cited by some to be considered as powerful as a natural anti-depressant.


So, by using rosemary to motivate your mind + lavender to de-stress + eucalptyus to heal + citris to lift your spirits = you have the essential oils of success. Use in a spritzer with water or reed diffuser to enjoy the benefits.

Let me know what essentials oils you use, if any. If this isn’t something you have tried before, please let me know what you think in the comments below.

This is not to be relied on for medical advice.

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