5 Ways to Develop Your Career Skills in Your Lunch Break

Achieving your career goals is often a combination of short term progress and long term effect, however sometimes just getting to work on time and staying focused throughout the day can be draining enough without having to consider and plan your personal development. We all have times when the thought of doing anything extra on top of our daily routine seems overwhelming; especially when we spent 5 days of the week living for the weekend and then Sunday afternoon dreading the gastly Monday morning commute back to work. If you find yourself in a little bit of motivation slump then ironically doing something to develop your career can actually be a great way to feel enthused about your work life again. So, from my experience doing more can actually get you out of the doing less funk. This may seem easier said than done, but you can actually imporve your career skills in your lunch or coffee break!

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I realised it was important to try and re-motivate myself whenever I felt the beginning of that natural dip in enthusiam, that gets the best of us now and again, before it begins to affect your work life balance. Although, your hours may be the same, when you’re not in the mood for work, it puts more pressure on the life side of work/life which in turn doesn’t make for a very relexing weekend. Being determined to have an out the world incredible weekend every week to compensate for workplace boredom or otherwise leads to social burnout. I have found that one of the lunch break activities, which have greatly boosted my work morale in the past is online courses (often free too). They don’t even have to be exactly in the area that you work, just something that interests you and develops a skill.


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