7 Minimalist Desk Accessories & Stationery Only Stylish Women Have

When I am working at my desk in the office or writing this blog, I want to feel inspired. It is so important to surround yourself with creativeness and beauty, as I feel this comes across in your work. Whatever it may be. Stylish stationery and minimalist desk accessories create that atmosphere.

 STIL 12m planner flatlay minimalist desk accessories

I am a lover of the minimalist aesetic, natural materials and textures. Accents of metallics and soft colour palettes of grey, pink and white tones. It’s relaxing and soothing. Surrounding your work area with positive and calm energy is the secret to producing some of my best work. So I was excited when I discovered STIL Classics. They embody classic clean lines, high quality finish minimalist beauty in a subtle and elegant way.

STIL 12m planner dusty rose minimalist desk accessories

STIL marble planner minimalist desk accessories

woman using STIL 12m planner minimalist desk accessories

Using planners and journals are essential to maintaining calm organisation and scheduling. Working in law means that I am constantly completing work for new clients, monitoring ongoing cases, completing research as new legal points arise and tracking the progress of the matter. Clients appreciate their matter being managed well and I appreciate beautifully crafted planners to help me do the job. A workman is, after all, only as good as her tools.

All marble case by STIL minimalist desk accessories

STIL Journal scissors bulldog clip flatlay minimalist desk accessories

STIL marble journal minimalist desk accessories

Journals are the keepers to my career development goals and plans. They are where I record notes to myself about what I want to do in my lunch break to develop professionally (see here for ideas) and I use them to remain focused on my targets (even in the craziest of times). I prefer to keep planners and journals separate as I use them for distinct notes. My personal and professional goals are logged in my journal away from client matters in my planners, so I can take my notes on goals with me whenever I want to. They are basically a handbag essential (check out my other girl boss handbag essentials here).

STIL marble planner on desk with gold watch minimalist desk accessories

STIL striped washi tape minimalist desk accessories

The STIL gold wire clips are one of my favourite minimalist desk accessories. They are simple and purposefully designed to be functional and beautiful. Which, for me, sums up the brand.

STIL woman using washi tape in planner minimalist desk accessories

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STIL – Mono Marble iPhone 6/6s Case

STIL – Stripe Washi Tape

STIL – Gold Wire Clips

STIL – Navy Marble Journal

STIL – White Marble Journal


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